Biggest Fan (you)

by ArmBar

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brought to the world like jesus in a basket
then robbed competition till my tongue was fucking callused
hitting licks politics dont care very much
about the people starving daily and sleeping in the mud
and fuck the hoes most 'em fuck me over anyway
its trip and armbar attack started yesterday
next up protege the dollars in my dossiers
the cash is on your head, now you have more to praise
more to raise just like these fucking bars
tucked n stuck underground drowned by the music charts
flow is just some lucid art coming from the heart
of a kid who didnt know that this music was the start
and we coming, better let em
nothing that aint funding, the moneys in the spectrum
dont let us gain momentum because glorys the intention
Gotta be sending out the troops yelling "get em"


Just gimme a minute,
And I'll have you feel the sound that gets the crowd in it,
Bass loud even 'bout to cloud your vision,
Women get aroused then get down like bad bitches,
Turn a pound to an ounce, keep my snout in the clouds,
En route to get found, shout out to all who doubt,
I could point 'em all out but I would probably lose count,
Hope my flow drowns 'em out as they hoping for a drought,
But word of mouth is that raps his outlet,
So he'll make it rain with rap as more of an outfit,
Suit 'em better then his genes did,
Still hoping for a drought, at least you know to dream big,


released February 2, 2015



all rights reserved


ArmBar Winnipeg, Manitoba

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